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Insurance Information

We will do all we can to accommodate your insurance needs.

If your insurance plan is not listed please call (954) 748-9444 and talk with our insurance coordinator if you have any questions about your particular plan.

Here is a sample listing of some of the Insurance plans we participate with:

Administrative Services
American Medical Security
Anchor Benefit Consulting
Anthem Health Services
Beech Street
Cigna PPO
Dimensions PPO
Emblem Health
First Benefits, Inc.
First Health Network
Florida Health Choice
Florida Health Network
Global Health Claims
   Great West
Interplan Health Group
JMH Health Group
John Alden Life
Mail Handlers Benefit Plan
Millennium Health Care
National Preferred Provider Network
NECA-IBEW Welfare Trust Fund
Neighborhood Health Partnership PPO
Network Health Plan
NHP Triple Options Plans
Progressive National (Acordia)
Tri-Care for Life

We are Participating Providers and will file charges directly with Medicare. Patients are responsible for services and supplies not covered by Medicare as well as any secondary insurance or deductible not covered.

We are Participating Providers with Florida Medicaid and will file charges directly with Medicaid. You will be responsible for a small co-pay at each visit. We are Non-Participating with any Medicaid HMO - Managed Care policy however.

Health Maintenance Organizations, HMOs. Some plans limit costs by restricting patient access to specialists. To see a specialist in such a plan the patient must first visit his or her Primary Care Physician. If the Primary Care provider deems necessary, a "referral" is made to the specialist physician. If you have an HMO plan you can not be seen in our office without a valid referral and/or referral number, even if you are an established patient, unless you agree to pay for your services yourself at the time services are rendered.

Preferred Provider Organizations, PPOs.
With this type of plan you should not need a referral to see a specialist, but you still must select one from a list provided by your insurance company. Such plans allow greater freedom for the patient to choose a doctor and for the specialist to take tests and provide necessary treatment. Each time you are seen in the office you will be asked to make a small payment or co-pay. In addition, some plans have a deductible that must be satisfied before the insurance company will pay for services provided. Should you have a deductible that must be satisfied, you are responsible for making this payment at the time services are rendered. Your insurance company will be notified that you have made payment towards your deductible. If your plan requires additional patient responsibility for certain procedures, you may receive a balance bill for these charges.

Point of Service Plans, POS. If your insurance plan allows you to go to a specialist either with or without a referral, you may have a POS (Point of Service) plan. This is a hybrid between an HMO and PPO plan. Technically it has the same restrictions with regard to tests and professional services as an HMO. If you choose to see a participating specialist without a referral you may incur higher out of pocket expenses.

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